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Awareness to How We Victimize One Another on Social Media

Awareness to How We Victimize One Another on Social Media

Over these past few days, our world has taught me that we are a country of drama queens.


Whether it is commentary against a public figure;

A political insight;

A catastrophe...

We want to feel a part of it.


For the past three days my chest has been tight. I haven’t slept. I felt like the walking dead.


And then today, catastrophic news coverage across every digital channel. Again. And my friends standing outside of their apartments filming the water covering our city.


But wait.

They were standing outside.


The threat went from existential to practical.

We are selling our version of feeling a part of something to one another, without acknowledging the consequences or the realities.


Miami isn’t a Caribbean town of bungalows. We are a city full of social media addicts and elitists. 80% of the world lives at a poverty level below Mexico and in the fantasy land of Miami, you post your private jet evacuation on the Internet.

You're all insecure and you need validation. You want people to feel something for you.

But let's get real.

Was there a real threat? Yes. Is the media capturing the reality? Absolutely not.

Is it damaging us? Absolutely, and not in the way we thought.


Angst and trauma are a disease fueled largely by the social media obsessed. And the sooner you step outside your little fishbowl Internet reality, the better you will be as a human.


Here is what I lost:

-       I co-parented a discussion of blockchain’s transformation on the world up to the singularity to every major pharmaceutical company.

-       I met up with my new best friend Joe whose aspiration is to elevate my career and life. This is his aspiration for everyone, and you will be lucky if you come to know him. Don’t pass it up. In fact, join his network here if you want to change your life.

-       I attended a dinner party with the most read author on Medium. He said my hair was "awesome". *dying happy now*.

I wish I had been alive through all of these things. My brain was in trauma. I missed these moments.


I looked tired. So tired that someone asked if I had a lazy eye. In case you have been feeling the same, I want to help you. My aspiration for you reading this is to remember who you are and what you are and turn off your media-infested angst machines.


Mental health will add or subtract years from your life.


If you are lucky, you will take control of your life and spend your moments with the people who matter. The people trying to give you trauma are taking resources from your body and mind. And they don’t matter. 


This article is largely inspired by my meeting with Joe at this very moment, on entrepreneurship and health correlations. I’m sorry for stealing your ideas in here, Joe.

I hope this helped the few decent people in my Miami community who are mental victims now.



Thank you, community. 9/11

Thank you, community. 9/11

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