Roles, Affiliations and Advisory

Jessica is a serial co-entrepreneur, partnering with great minds and great people to bring companies to new levels of growth and success. Below is a portfolio of her roles, affiliations and board advisory positions. 

To request that Jessica join your Board of Advisors, she can be contacted directly at

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Business Executive

Jessica is Chief Operating Officer of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group, providing end-to-end culture design to enterprise, governments, healthcare organizations and institutions of higher education.

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Jessica is a public speaker on the topics of organizational culture, behavior change at scale, and the future of work. She has given keynotes and other talks worldwide and consistently receives notes of excellence for her talks. 

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member of the board 

Jessica is on the Board of Advisory for a Miami-Based technology platform for community building where she advises on viral post-launch strategy  

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Author and content writer

Jessica is an award winning author and creates content for publications in earned media space. She has published hundreds of pieces of marketing content, dozens of eBooks, written over 30 published articles, and is currently publishing a full-length book. 

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Director of the board

Jessica is soon to be on the Board of Directors of Bakehouse Arts Complex, an artist residency for supporting the future of excellence in the arts

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director of CommunitY

An exclusive networking experience at sunset for technologists and industry insiders, aboard an 80ft luxury yacht that docks in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Cruises are happening each month. Contact Jessica, below, for more information.