Features and Media Coverage of Jessica Higgins

She was named a Breakthrough Female Founder of 2017 by Huffington Post and has been published in Entrepreneur, NBC News, USA Weekly, The Ladders, Workforce Magazine, Training Industry Magazine, HR Daily Advisor, Becker’s Hospital Review, HR Technologist, Thrive Global, The Ladders, and has corresponded on news media including CBS, Newsweek, The Miami Herald and Huffington Post. Below is a list of her media coverage. If you would like to engage Jessica for an interview, radio show, television, podcast or interview, her publicist can be reached at kathfleisch@gmail.com

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Jessica higgins featured in Advantages Magazine as an Expert in culture design

Jessica Higgins is the featured Expert in the February 2018 edition of Advantages Magazine. Read her story by clicking the link below


jessica higgins in nbc news

Jessica was recently interviewed and quoted in NBC News on creating cultural norms that promote diversity and inclusion in one of her favorite places: the gym!

Read the entire article below.

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jessica higgins co-authored ebook for linkedin

Click below to read what LinkedIn calls "our best piece of content ever created!" Written by Brian Solis, co-authored and edited by Jessica Higgins, and illustrated by Hugh MacLeod and the creative team

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interview with jessica higgins by the native society

The Native Society interviews inspiring people, from Donna Karan to the founder of Wikipedia. Read Jessica's interview below.

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interview with jessica higgins: running a trust-based business

Jessica sat down with Idea Mensch to discuss how she runs a trust-based organization to achieve breakthrough performance from her team.

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a new finding in culture design by jessica higgins

As part of her work in data science, Jessica discovered a surprising finding in organizational culture. Read her publication here.

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Jessica higgins is featured as one of the 25 badass female entrepreneurs

Jessica's advice to other women who want to be entrepreneurial badasses, below.


meet jessica higgins in voyage mia, a miami magazine on inspiring locals and inspiring stories

Voyage MIA is the go to source for Miami's most inspiring stories, and inspiring people. Read their coverage of Jessica Higgins in the link below.

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building a healthy wellness program at work in training industry magazine

Jessica Higgins is an avid wellness enthusiast. Her work/life hacks for creating health, wellness and productive work culture were published by Training Industry Magazine. Read the article below. 

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jessica higgins New Years resolutions for 2018

Jessica's New Years Resolutions for 2018 were published in Maroon Oak Magazine: Inspiring Women In Business, Worldwide. Read her resolutions for 2018 by clicking the link below. 

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7 employee engagement ideas that really work

Jessica's work in Human Resource management on designing a culture of engagement was recently recognized in Experience Ignite. Learn the 7 effective ways to engage your employees through culture design by reading Jessica's publication below.

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how to become a corporate executive by age 30

A featured article by Jessica Higgins, who has been a corporate executive since age 26, on how to become a female executive before the age of 30. Read the full article below. 

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jessica higgins 2018 New Years resolutions

Maroon Oak Magazine published Jessica Higgins' New Years Resolutions among their top female entrepreneurs to inspire other women for 2018. Read the article below. 

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Read Jessica's Latest Work for HR Technologist on How HR Professionals Can Design Better Culture 

Jessica in HR Technologist discussing the cultural problem of over-politeness.

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Jessica wrote the following piece on the current state of women in the workforce, and the work her team is doing to help.

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jessica higgins interview in ceo blog nation

Read Jessica's Profile in CEO Blog Nation by following the link below.

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cryptocurrency issues, and how to solve them

Jessica was published in finance magazine Value Spectrum on how to understand, and solve, cryptocurrency issues.


JEssica higgins named one of the breakthrough women of 2017 by the huffington post

Jessica Higgins is  breakthrough women of 2017. Read her story by clicking the link below.

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jessica higgins in entrepreneur magazine

Jessica recently wrote an article that was published in Entrepreneur on Workplace Culture Design. Read her work by following the link below.

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jessica higgins in workplace ethics on creating a culture of diversity and inclusion

Truly embracing diversity and inclusion is serious work. Read below for advice on cultural transformation.


listen to jessica higgins on Wall Street business network radio

Jessica was interviewed on corporate culture by The Dana Barrett Show on BIZ1190 AM Radio. You can listen to her full interview by clicking the below  link.

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interview with jessica higgins on workplace predictions for 2018

Jessica Higgins was one of the featured experts on the future of work and predictions for 2018. Read her workplace predictions below.

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Hacking workplace wellness by jessica higgins

Workplace wellness programs don't have to be pricey to be effective. Read Jessica's publication in Workforce Magazine on workplace wellness.



Learn about Jessica's companies, here.

live interview with jessica higgins, organizational culture design expert

Jessica Higgins is an award winning author, data scientist and public speaker on organizational culture design. Click on the link above to watch her interviewed live by 2Questions TV: quick questions, deep answers.

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a publication on the state of culture at the white house

Jessica Higgins has been a political activist for over 10 years, fighting for rights and equality for women, minorities and underprivileged classes. Read her insights on Trump culture below. 


jessica higgins publication in becker's hospital review

Jessica Higgins and her team's work has become a published best practice in healthcare for improving provider scores and patient experience. Read the publication in Becker's Hospital Review below.

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jessica higgins on #AMA: ask me anything

Jessica takes questions from fans in a one-hour intensive where people are invited to ask her anything. Read her responses here.

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Jessica higgins speaks at the 7th annual future of healthcare forum

Read highlights from her moving speech to South Florida Healthcare Executives on the future of healthcare and blockchain technology disruption below. 

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jessica higgins published in stacy knows

Jessica Higgins wrote about her success principles behind becoming a female executive at only 26 years old. Her work has been republished across various media. Read it here, in Stacy Knows.

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bringing cryptocurrency into everyday culture

Read Jessica's publication in finance magazine Value Walk on bringing cryptos to the every day consumer with Digits.io 

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jessica higgins publication in cto vision

Jessica's publication on how cryptocurrencies will be brought to the everyday lives of average people via Digits.io technology.

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3 workplace mistakes that make you seem unprofessional

Read Jessica's work in culture design below.

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Jessica Higgins on Medium

Read Jessica’s writing on random topics in her medium page by clicking below.

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Feature: USA WEekly interviews jessica higgins on her business success

USA Weekly Interviewed Jessica on her business success principles. Read them by clicking the link below to the full article.

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coo alliance with cameron herold

Jessica was the featured guest on the COO Alliance Podcast, the world's leading network for the 2nd in command.

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publication for hr technologist on how to properly manage and self-manage your digital workforce

Read Jessica's article below, as published in HR Technologist, for digital workforce management tips

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jessica higgins gives the opening and closing statements at intrApreneurship conference 2017

Read more about the annual conference in Toronto you cannot miss, for Intrepreneurs looking to transform large organizations.

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how to become a corporate executive before 30 

Jessica has been a corporate executive since the age of 26. Below are her success principles in Her Magazine

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managing difficult people by jessica higgins

HR Daily Advisor published an article by Jessica on managing tough employees. Read it here.

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how to disrupt pharmaceutical heathcare

Jessica Higgins' team was sponsored by Disruptive Innovations US to publish an ebook for how to disrupt pharmaceutical innovation. Click to download here.

Jessica Higgins worked with Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs and investors to bring startup world to miami

Watch her bring Silicon Valley cultural awareness by clicking the link above, or following the link to her work below.

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PRofile of jessica higgins in pink petro, the womens' coalition in the petroleum industry

Jessica is honored to be one of the women featured in Pink Petro, a coalition of women in the petroleum industry who seek to develop diversity and innovation in one of our country's oldest institutions. Read the profile of Jessica Higgins by clicking below.


a publication featuring Jessica higgins on employer branding fiascos and phenomenons

Jessica Higgins was a featured contributor on the power of employer brand in the November issue of B2B KUNUNU.  Read her full insights in the article below. 

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interview with jessica higgins: how she is reshaping company culture

Jessica Higgins sat down with Artrprnr Magazine, featuring local thought leaders in Miami, to discuss her work. Read her full interview by clicking on the link below.. 

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jessica higgins predicts the future of employment brand

B2BKununu interviews leading experts on their employer brand predictions for 2018.

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Culture Design Podcast

Listen to Jessica chat with Home Business Magazine on all things culture.

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Jessica Higgins wrote the following satire to combat the stigma that women are somehow responsible for harassment culture. Read it below for a laugh.

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Jessica is one of the featured experts on the Mather Group Marketing Expert Podcast. Listen below.

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jessica higgins publication in ceo blog nation 

Jessica is good at predicting trends, especially in the workplace. Read her workplace trend predictions for 2018 in CEO Blog Nation.