Jessica Higgins, JD MBA is a highly credentialed and experienced business growth consultant. She gets involved in unique opportunities at the crossroads of finance, technology, and marketing to create innovative growth. She holds investment and advisory positions in a portfolio of companies and is a published author who writes about her business and personal passions. Her first book, The 10 Essential Business Communications Skills, released at #1 on Amazon New Releases for Communication and Behavior Skills. She has given keynote speeches on topics ranging from culture to emergent technologies. in addition to her graduate degrees in law and business, and her undergraduate degrees in behavioral psychology and political science, She Holds certifications in operations management, operations design and behavioral design. she lives in Miami, FL, San Diego, CA and Washington, DC.

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In Honor of Industry-Changing Women Everywhere

In Honor of Industry-Changing Women Everywhere

Jessica Higgins and Jason Korman wrote the following to the 50,000+ member fanbase daily email in honor of International Women's Day about women at work, and our work with women transforming the oil industry. Thanks go out to Pink Petro; we are beyond honored to sponsor HERWorld Global Energy Forum 2018.

Fun fact: we’re just over 50% in women to men here at Gapingvoid Culture Design Group. Kind of like the United States: the women outnumber the men by just a bit. Not that we designed it this way, it’s just how it should be if you’re fair and honest about it.

Another fun fact: The International Monetary Fund is now run by Christine Lagarde. The first ever female Managing Director for the IMF. She ran a study (the first of its kind) of all 188 member countries to see what the chances are of women getting to work, versus men. Seems pretty reasonable that we should all have access…

Except that 90% of member countries have provisions in their constitutions and legal systems that prevent women from contributing equally. Some countries don’t allow women to work at all, others to own property, to drive, etc... 90% !!

What is the gender spread at your company?

I’m suggesting this is a big opportunity. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs love diversity by nature. When a diversity of ideas and perspectives come together, innovation is born. Diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, neuro-diversity...all brilliant entrepreneurs share this mindset. Keep yourself in a room with different people so that problems can be examined differently.

Now, Christina Lagarde is campaigning to allow women to contribute in working. Not as an equality issue, but as an economics issue. Equal access to diverse mindsets is a key driver to better economies. Seems pretty obvious?

A lot of biases exist without us even seeing them. It’s just the way it’s always been done. If you’re not hiring equally sexed folks, it may be worthwhile to take a step back and ask, based on your current rules, why not?

To hear more from the IMF, there’s a great Freakanomics Radio discussion HERE.


Gapingvoid is at HERWorld Global Energy Forum 2018

The dynamic Katie Mehnert is the power behind Pink Petro, driving the voice of women in a classically male-dominated industry. She is making a difference, and cracking a few glass ceilings.

An alum of Shell and BP, she knows the inner workings of the energy business and that the future is about spreading the right culture around safety, environment, and equality.

HERWorld Global Energy Forum annual event is taking place today in Houston, and we are honored to be a sponsor. 


Jessica Higgins, JD MBA BB is a public speaker, strategist and published author. She is Chief Operating Officer of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group. Her mission is to help others. 

She and her team work with Microsoft, Zappos, Roche, AT&T, Pfizer, L'Oreal, US Bank, Babson College, and many others. She is an expert in the field of Lean Six Sigma with specialty in systems design for sustainable growth. She holds a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a Juris Doctor in law, a Masters in Business Management, and a Bachelors degree in behavioral psychology. 

She has been published in USA Weekly, The Ladders, Workforce Magazine, Training Industry Magazine, HR Daily Advisor, Becker’s Hospital Review, B2B Kununu, and has corresponded on news media including CBS, Newsweek, The Miami Herald and Huffington Post. In the course of her career she has created over $500M in combined cost savings and business development and has created over 5,000 jobs throughout the United States. 

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