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Overcoming Addiction

Think about how many great stars we've lost to addiction. 

Now, think about your own secret addictions.

Addiction is not a universe away. Addiction is afflicting you, me and everyone we know in one way or another.

The most driven and creative of us are afraid to even be honest about our addictions. Fear prevents connection, which prevents real help, and the cycle is a terrible one. So what if we think a bit differently? Let's talk about addiction.

Because you can cure addiction for everyone. Literally, you can do this for free and on your internet right now. Understand, spread share. That easy.

Addicts are not dirty junkies. Addicts are Marilyn Monroe. Addicts are Robin Williams. Addicts are each of us.

You can watch this incredible video to learn more.

You can download the image in this post for free here to share with your friends and join the movement.

And together, maybe we can save the world. :)

This is a journey, for sure, but it's been broken down by the brilliant Joe Polish to make it surprisingly easy for us each to help.


*Dedicated to my dear friend lost to addiction. Out if respect for your family, you will remain unnamed, but I still miss you every day.

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Final Hour to Ask Me Anything!

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