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Preventing Cultural Progression: The Chaos Theory

It is 2017 and your internet contains enough data to solve every world problem imaginable

It is all available to you.

But in the back of your mind, you know you can't solve for anything. You can't even decide if eggs are healthy for you to eat. 

If you want to keep a culture from moving forward you don't attack it directly. You create alternative theories. You create noise. You confuse the marketplace.

It's why we have rampant obesity. People don't want to be fat, they want to believe that something will change them. The chaos of information leads to many possible solutions, with only a few of them being correct ones. The most common outcome then becomes failure.

Alternative diet theories are extremely profitable for any marketer with a decent strategy. Chaos theory wasn't created by design, it was created for a profit.

And if created by design, you can spot it with a single source providing you with many "alternative facts".

We are in an information epidemic. Conflicting theories published in any single idea are a virus that mask cures. Yes, it is important to seek the truth. But once we find it, what we do about it is even more important.

How many other solvable problems are not culturally progressing?

We just had three natural disasters and the hottest summer on record. 

It's called Chaos Theory.

The introduction of many small alternative theories that together, have a huge outcome. Socially, our outcome is zero progress.

Don't let it get in your way anymore. Use your own common sense. It was given to you for a reason (survival). Just because it says so on the internet, doesn't make it true. Seek truth, instead of convenient answers.

Your health, well-being, safety and future are all being jeopardized. You can do something to fix this now, but you have to act together as a community.

From chaos to conformity. And around the right ideas. That is how we create progress.

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