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How to Become a Corporate Executive Before 30: Jessica Higgins' Success Principles

When Jessica turned 30 years old, she wrote down her success principles for becoming a female corporate executive by the age of 26. Her success principles are handed out at her alma mater to graduating students, and have appeared in various publications. 

Here are her success principles, as published in Stacy Knows.

My Aspirations for Work and Life: an Interview with Jessica Higgins

Jessica Higgins was recently interviewed by The Native Society, a collection of thoughts from famous entrepreneurs and influencers including Donna Karan, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, and Carolyn Kylstra, Editor in Chief of SELF Magazine, among many others.

To read about Jessica’s aspirations in life and work, click here.

Article for HR Advisor: Managing Difficult People

Holidays can be a time of joy and celebration. 

And for many people, a time of stress and anxiety. Since not all families are made of rainbows and sunshine, below is an article Jessica authored on How To Deal with Difficult People which was published in HR Daily Advisor in October of 2017. It is written for work but applies to personal life as well. Cheers, and happy holidays to you and your families.

The Truth About Consulting, and a Few Wellness Hacks

I created 4 health hacks to help even the worst of us workaholics. You can read it here  published on Medium or published in Workforce Magazine HERE

We all struggle with work and health balance. On social media you see someone living their best *shiny version* self: traveling, networking with the biggest entrepreneur rockstars on Earth, etc. 

Pretty unbelievable, right?

Here’s the ugly reality inside of consulting: