Jessica Higgins, JD MBA is a highly credentialed and experienced business growth consultant. She gets involved in unique opportunities at the crossroads of finance, technology, and marketing to create innovative growth. She holds investment and advisory positions in a portfolio of companies and is a published author who writes about her business and personal passions. Her first book, The 10 Essential Business Communications Skills, released at #1 on Amazon New Releases for Communication and Behavior Skills. She has given keynote speeches on topics ranging from culture to emergent technologies. in addition to her graduate degrees in law and business, and her undergraduate degrees in behavioral psychology and political science, She Holds certifications in operations management, operations design and behavioral design. she lives in Miami, FL, San Diego, CA and Washington, DC.

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Speaking Engagement: Future of Healthcare Forum

Speaking Engagement: Future of Healthcare Forum


Microsoft Fort Lauderdale6750 N Andrews Ave # 400,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Tuesday, November 14, 12:00-6:00 PM


Caregiver engagement and patient experience are treated as two separate fields today, but JESSICA HIGGINS, CULTURE DESIGN EXPERT will propose that due to the intimacy of the relationship, they are actually two sides of the same coin. Through a holistic system and human design centered approach, both patients and caregivers can have a transformative experience, which is desperately needed in healthcare today.

Jessica will discuss the following:

- the current state of healthcare and how we've gotten here

- a short provenance of approaches: where we've gone right, but the additional considerations that will get us further than we are today

- a new system: end to end healthcare culture design 

- how to transform the patient and caregiver experience inside your healthcare system today (a case study on a healthcare success story)

More about Jessica Higgins:

Jessica Higgins is Chief Operating Officer of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group, a team of inspired individuals based in Miami, Florida, with clients worldwide, including Microsoft, Zappos, Roche, Pfizer, L'Oreal and many others. She and her team deliberately design end-to-end culture solutions that help people connect emotionally to their organization's most important outcomes. She works in healthcare, Pharma, finance, higher education, governments and Fortune 500 corporations. She is a public speaker, strategist and published author in the future of healthcare, and recently co-authored the keynote talk alongside Pfizer on the Future of Healthcare for DPharm 2017: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials on the topic of blockchain. She holds a Juris Doctor in Law, A Masters in Business Management, and a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma with specialty in Design for Six Sigma.

A discount code for friends to my talks in Toronto

A discount code for friends to my talks in Toronto

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