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Rules Against Women.

The International Monetary Fund is now run by a woman. The first ever.

For the first time ever, she conducted a study of its 188 member countries to see what the chances are of other women getting to contribute economically around the globe. Seems like a reasonable study:

Is one half of your population as equally able to contribute as the other half?

The study found that among all 188 countries, 90% have provisions in their constitutions and legal systems that prevent women from contributing equally. 

Some countries don't allow women to work at all, others to own property, to drive, or to have access to family planning...

90%. From an operations perspective, we are running far below capacity. This study suggests that optimization planning is a requirement if we are to globally thrive.

I'm not writing this as a woman. I'm writing this as an entrepreneur. 

If you are entrepreneurial, you love diversity. When a diversity of ideas and perspectives come together, innovation is born. Diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, neurodiversity...all brilliant entrepreneurs share this mindset. Keep yourself in a room with different people so that problems can be examined differently.

Some of my best consulting innovations have come from a mother on our team. She sees life through the eyes of her child every day. The complex looks simple to her, and her lens is on caring for others. I always need her in the room when an important decision is to be made.

Another example: a woman in the IMF running a study of other women. Why hadn't this been done before?

Now, Christina Lagarde is campaigning to allow women to contribute in economies. Not as an equality issue, but as an economics issue.

Equal access to diverse mindsets is a key driver to better economies.

Seems pretty obvious?

Look at our own country. If you want more from your team, bring a woman to a leadership role. If this seems unfair or unreasonable, it may be worthwhile to take a step back and ask, based on your current rules, why not?

To hear more from the IMF, there's a great Freakanomics Radio discussion  HERE.



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It's "User" not "Youser"

It's "User" not "Youser"

Publication: Meet Jessica Higgins

Publication: Meet Jessica Higgins